We have a strong footprint in the healthcare vertical and have extensive experience with medical records software and HIPAA security. Our goal for our clients is to experience as close to 99% uptime as possible.
— Travis Lass

Managed IT Services

The goal of the Xlcon Technology Solution (XTS) is to help businesses utilize technology to increase their profitability

Xlcon Technology Solution (XTS) is Xlcon’s innovative approach to IT management and IT support services. Unlike other IT companies, Xlcon takes a proactive approach to managing your office’s network instead of waiting for an issue to arise.

Below, are just a few benefits found in the XTS Package and our IT support services.

Managed Daily Verification

Every weekday, our XTS engineer and IT support services team remotely connects to the system to confirm operability.

Items such as the interfacesbackup and virus protection are verified on a daily basis.

Managed Server Monitoring

Each server on the network will have an agent loaded that will constantly report data back to the Xlcon Network Operations Center. Thresholds are set on all critical components. If those thresholds are exceeded, the Xlcon engineer is notified via e-mail, console and phone call that there is a potential problem with the indicated server.

Action can then be taken to correct the issue prior to it causing major downtime. Server monitoring also allows us to monitor the speed and efficiency of the network. If a server is being overworked, we will be notified of that and can plan for hardware upgrades.

Managed Desktop Monitoring

Xlcon has agents available to be loaded on the desktops/laptops/tablets.

This allows for inventories to be taken, updates to be made and rollbacks when major problems occur. This also allows for the engineers to remote in to fix any issues.

Account Assignment

All customers are assigned a primary and secondary engineer to maintain their network. This allows for multiple resources in case the primary engineer is not available.