Xlcon highly recommends having an automated off-site backup solution. This eliminates the burden of a staff member to have to take the backup off-site on a regular basis. We have gone through thorough analysis and feel the solution that we have developed for off-site backup is premier to the industry.


Client Security

Client security gives you control to decide when to run your scans, what type of configurations work best to suit your company’s needs and at which times alerts will go out when the system is being threatened. Client security provides you with the comfort knowing that the scans you set up will detect software updates that are needing to take place to keep your security levels at their best. Through client security you will have detailed reports which will help in the future when you are looking to detect trend details on your computer, any vulnerabilities and/or threat that may have occurred in the past.



Network security is exactly as it sounds, it secures your network. If properly managed, a variety of threats are detected and stopped prior to entering and spreading onto your network. Networks can be both private and public, including both hardware and software. The concept of having network security begins with having and Admin who will have access to the entire network, then users will get into the network to access date using a username along with a password. Xlcon would love to answer any questions you may have to please feel free to reach out to one of our representatives!


Microsoft Cloud Partner

Xlcon has partnered with Microsoft to offer array of the Microsoft Azure and 365 solutions. We have specialists on staff that can ensure that your rollout of the Microsoft 365 suite is seamless and that your staff uses to the tools for full organizational collaboration.


Cloud Disaster Recovery

Businesses need to be protected against threat and major disasters. At Xlcon, we have developed our own backup and disaster recovery solution that replicates critical data off-site in our secure cloud based data center. Our solution exceeds HIPAA regulations, so our healthcare clients can be confident their patient records are being protected and are available in the event of a system failure.

Premise System

Learn more about keeping your options open with the ShoreTel Premise System
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